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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Although he didn't want to...I told him it's for his kids. Here are daddy's resolutions.
1. Work out at the gym at least 5 days a week so I can fit into my high school jeans.
2. I won't steal the candy out of the prize buckets when the kids are sleeping.
3. Buy some new socks.
4. Join the men's group at church.
5. Take the girls out on a daddy daughter date once a month.
6. Take Blaise to some MSU games.

When it snows it blizzards

Ever hear the old expression when it rains it pours? Well I am using snow as my analogy as it has been snowing all day getting worse as my day has been getting worse! Started out good as we bundled up and jumped in van to go see Judi. Noticed few flakes! Noticed my van wouldn't start! Dead! Real bad timing as kiddies realize we are not going to farm! I call my hubby who tells me to use my phone app for free roadside assistance. I call and charming gentleman tells me for 65.00 smackeroonies he will come and give me a jump! I can not justify the expense so I said no! Meanwhile Julia informs me she feels sick and wants to go lay down. Whole time it is snowing harder and harder. My knight in shining armor pulls up in his hamstermobile and we sit there watching utube videos on how to jump start a van. When I finally get on the road two hours later I realize I am not feeling to peachy king myself and the roads are slick! Wanting to remain positive my oldest reminds me "when God closes one door He opens another "! I guess so and I will keep repeating that as I just discovered when we got home that I left the garage door open! Snow galore!


I have had an assortment of friends in my life and have lost touch with some but a few have remained. Once you have children you tend to gravitate towards others with kids. My mommy friends have become like family to me. One in particular is my dear friend Judi. We both homeschool and our daughters are around the same age. We naturally have a lot in common. She recently had surgery and is on the mend. We are going to see her today and help her out. When I was pregnant with Benedict she was instrumental in helping with my kids and cooking for us and just being a shoulder to cry on when hormones kicked up. She has a strong Catholic faith, is honest and trustworthy. I am so lucky to have met her. God really placed her family in our life at a time when we needed it. I saw a card once that said friends are the family members that complete us. In my case this is certainly true! Get well Judi and don't worry about a thing!