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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Mosquito Man

Ok so this is much more light hearted. Cinderella had Prince Charming, Snow White had her own knight in shining armor...I have my mosquito man...able to get them with one flick of a towel..unafraid of heights, relentless until death. What more could a girl want!

Thankful Sister

I am thankful for my sister. She shares her books and things with me. She is so generous. I should try to be more generous and loving back to her. She shouldn't have to do loving deeds and have me do no loving deeds back to her. I can do little things to make her happy like compliment her pictures that she draws. I like to write letters to people so I am going to write one to her. Today, I am going to play with her. I love my sister so much and I like to help her when she makes mistakes or does something wrong. I play dolls with her even when I'd rather play something else. Emerson is the best sister in the world!

Daddy Seahorse

The kids wanted me to write this....we recently read a story about seahorses. The male seahorse carried the eggs tenderly in His pouch until birth. This is factual and I found it fascinating. At first my cynical side was thinking bet that sea horse didn't experience labor pains! Then I thought about how God carefully carries me thru the day. Tenderly and gently. The next couple days are going to be hectic for our family....I am just now feeling better after being sick. The kids are antsy too! We have art classes, appointments, hair cuts, and of course housework. I woke up feeling frazzled but then I thought about the daddy seahorse carrying his children lovingly thru the ocean. Hiding them safely from harm of other fish, waves, even sharks. I know God is carrying me, even on the busiest of days.