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Saturday, March 10, 2012

All 4 One

Well today was 4h and boy did those kids get some stuff accomplished! We finally came up with a club logo: all 4 one
And they designed a club flag which we will work on next month. They democratically chose a shirt color( let me tell you 16 kids that was hard!)
And we also decided on upcoming themes for our meetings...though summer seems far away for some the fair is just around the corner for these kids! We are going to practice our showmanship of rabbits and critters and learn how to be interviewed by judges. I just found out most families camp the whole week at the fair which any one that knows me can laugh and say " I'd like to see the day she camps!" well I am considering it as it seems all the families do this to be close to animals and events that run all week into the weekend! Julia really is getting excited about the fair and this 4h group and although it is not my cup of tea I am watching her prosper into quite the 4h-er! Can you sense my pride just a teensy bit?!?

Get Well Grandpa John

Please keep Grandpa John Connell in your prayers! He was in hospital and is doing better but scheduled to have surgery on Monday! We love you Grandpa! Julia, Emerson, Blaise and Benedict!
Get well soon!