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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pocket Watch

The first year we were married Tony and I decided to give each other one special gift to each other on our first Christmas. I remembering fretting for days over what I could give Tony that would be meaningful. He seemed to have everything a young gentleman required. A girlfriend recommended a local jewelry store for some ideas. I remember walking in so nervous. I did not frequent places like this and I did not know what to say to the young man glaring at me. I bumbled out I was a newlywed and looking for something for my husband. He inquired about Tony's profession and when I said banker he showed me the most beautiful gold pocketwatch. I immediately said that was the gift and I am so thankful he suggested I get it engraved. Tony used it for awhile but now it sits in the stand on our dresser. I know it will go to his firstborn son. Many say what about Benedict and to that I reply...that is for another blog.....

Babysitter for Hire

I am a creature of habit. Every morning I get up at the same time, make the kids breakfast, vacuum house, get beds made and then shower for school. I have always managed to do this on time. With the addition of Benedict I have altered my schedule a little but not really. The girls have always been eager to entertain or watch the little guy while I showered. Recently Blaise has fallen into this role. The girls are busy cleaning the bunnies or putting away breakfast dishes so naturally Blaise is wandering around aimlessly. He discovered watching baby means extra play time and the wise little lad has fallen into the role joyfully. This morning when I called for him to read a story to Benedict his air of eagerness was mixed with a bit of opportunity. When asked why the odd look on his face he replied "I will do it this last time but I am just wondering when I get paid?"
Oops guess even a 3 year old has a price!