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Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa shuffle

Oh it was so funny to see the look on the kids faces when Santa showed up to ballet! They were practicing their positions when he came in. He danced with Emerson and she got to sit with him! What I find so funny is she has "visited" with four separate santas so far and each time she asks for the same thing...a dog!

Monday funday?

I was supposed to go for an annual exam today but my dad wasn't feeling well and I didn't want to expose kiddies to the germs so we cancelled appt. And I thought we would have a catch up day! Turns out my gram went in to hospital last night over leg injury. You never know what life brings. We are surprisingly way ahead in school so we took a break. The girls wanted to spend some time at library and they have costumes to work on for an upcoming doll party hosted by one of julia's friends. The big event is coming tonight. Santa is coming to Emerson's ballet class. I have been told he has stinky feet so he is leaving his boots on! Everyone is giggling all day about this and Blaise is thrilled to see another man dance!