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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Greetings

School for us and then a valentine treat with mommy. We made cards for our friends at religious Ed and our teachers. Happy Valentine Day to all!
Thanks for the cards, e cards and text messages!

Why I love my sibling:

I love my brother Blaise because he plays barbies with me when Julia won't.

I love my sister Julia because I get all her nice clothes and she draws me pretty pictures! Emerson

I love Benedict because he is cute!

I love Blaise because he likes to play legos with me! Julia

I love Benedict he is a gift from God! Julia

I love Emerson because we will be friends forever! Julia

I love Julia and Emerson because they help me a lot! Blaise

I love Benedict because he is a boy. Blaise

I love you Julia, Emerson, and Blaise!

Happy Valentine Day

Dear Daddy, thank you for picking out a new bed for me and painting my room I love you Blaise

Dear Dad,
You are sweet and handsome and I love to dance with you! Love Emerson

Dear Dad,
Thanks for being the best tooth fairy ever I love you soo much! Love Julia

Dear daddy,
You make me laugh with your silly faces love Benedict

Happy Valentines Day to best Dad ever!