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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bunk Bed Update

Several have asked... Here is the result of Tony staying up late.... Finally the boy has a place to sleep! This weekend pictures will be hung and new bedding for both bunks purchased!

Baptism Anniversary

Many moons ago a priest encouraged the families to celebrate the day we baptized our child. He encouraged us to get out the baptism candle, and remind the child about the special day they became apart of God's family. At a baptism the parents ask the members of the Catholic Church to welcome their child and help them encourage their child to grow up as a follower of Jesus. Today is Julia's anniversary of her baptism. She requested lemon meringue pie for dessert and an opportunity to have one on one prayer time tonight. I always make a big deal about their baptism day and get them excited about it, not only for myself but so that when they are older and that date on the calendar rolls around they will recall the promises made to God when they were mere babies! I will still probably make them a dessert and send them a card, even if it seems silly...for that's what moms do isn't it! We had planned on just pie today but we all know I am worst cook in kitchen so I bought a box of lemon bars as a back up just in case! The pie was a process and I had hoped to have my mom here who is a much better cook but old man winter threw a monkey wrench into that! So I hope the pie turns out I have no idea the difference between yolks, whites, stiff peaks and meringue until smooth... Stay tuned for results!

Holy Hero Lent Adventure

During advent the kids and I did an adventure via Holy Heroes website. Every day they waited with anticipation for the printables and videos to come. It was a lot of fun and so for Lent we decided to sign up and take on the challenge of another adventure. This morning Blaise asked me if he was going to do Holy Heroes and I said yes. He then proceeded to get my phone and show me how to look it up and print them out. Today's adventure involves a secret code, a road map, and a crossword puzzle. I really like this site for two reasons: free, and they do have products for kids that are reasonably priced to grow their faith. I don't normally endorse stuff but I do recommend Holy Heroes!