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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Passing it on to the Next Generation

Ok, so it's almost been a whole year of my constant blogging and documentation of my life here with my little army of Tuta's as we call ourselves.  I contemplated stopping this whole blog thing..I went from no cell phone to an iPhone, blog, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and still my little army of soldiers to teach and raise...In the last two months we lost two special people out of our family and every day began to speak to me...this could be your last day...it could..we don't know the end of our life. Only God knows this.  I started to readjust my thinking.  My husband has gone thru a monumental change in last year...He is stronger in faith, more willing to take a risk and desiring more personal relationships with people.  I have begun a fasting from certain activities that have led me away from my family and faith and I have begun to see what is really important.  Next week we start school..it has been a long break for us, not always fun, but it was a break..Time to get back to our routine and our schedule.  I have decided to let the kids take over the blog.  It will be a great lesson in writing, expression, and creativity.  They are thrilled...I am scared...I gave them one rule...Do not be afraid to be YOU! I was so afraid in the beginning..people reading about my life, boring as it may be..it was my life..not for judgement or critique..I want the kids to experience the support and encouragement all of you loyal readers have provided for me..Be prepared..you will be surprised what a 10, 7, and 4 year old find fascinating..I will stick in little snippets of my now toddler baby and what he is up too..which is a lot these days..but mostly this is for the kids now..they have a lot of things they find important and wish to document.  So with that I hand this blog over to my children...Enjoy folks!