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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The kids love Wednesdays! We always travel to Hartland and go to the Cromaine Library! They love it! It is in a small village and very quaint and personable! We discovered today just how thankful we are for librarians. The computers were down and not working but these ladies went above and beyond by personally helping each child locate every single book they needed. We generally check out at least 50 books between all of us! We lug in our bags fill them up and go home to a treasure of stories, fables, poems, and graphic novels! Today was special instead of sticking our nose in a computer to learn about a topic we received a hands on lesson of the Dewey decimal system, we learned patience as the librarian wrote out each title by hand, and we learned about serving others first. I love this library and the kids are sure thankful for all the librarians!