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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mission Accomplished

I had this flaw when I was little. If I couldn't do something perfectly I wouldn't attempt it. It kept me from experiencing a lot of neat things growing up. I didn't want the girls to make same mistake so whenever we start something we always finish it. I don't think my family took me seriously when I said I wanted to learn to knit. There was a time issue, a supply issue, and to be frank...I was clueless how to knit. When my mom gave me my first lesson in Friday I had no idea how she would motivate me to finish the project. The girls have watched in awe as my ball of yarn becomes a scarf. They have encouraged me and inspite of the uneven rows of knitting and imperfect result I am so proud of myself that I finished it. Julia asked if she could keep my first project and Emerson has asked when can we go and buy some pink yarn to make her one. I am chuckling inside as I wonder why they seem so excited?!? But then I recall how special I felt when my mom gave me one of her first knitted items. It felt nice to wear something "made with love"


Oh Joy! Legos galore! Tony sat and helped Blaise build his sets. It only took two hours but the bonding will last forever! It is nice for a little boy and his dad to share that moment!

Birthday Cards

Blaise received two special birthday cards. One from his Grandma and Grandpa Connell and one from his Nana and Papa Koppela! Thank you for the generous gifts! The Lego Company thanks you as well!

Drip drip drip drip drip drip

Tony and I ventured out to treat the kids to hot fudge sundaes. It is our Saturday thing. We do treats once a week after dinner. As we loaded up the van I noticed what looked like a burnt sienna color of liquid sitting on our garage floor. I was perplexed and after some investigating and a call to my mechanic we sadly discovered old Bessy has a leak. I never wanted a van I always thought they were hideous and huge. Four kids later I don't know what my options would be besides Old Bessy. She isn't really that old but that is what the kids and I call her. We were advised not to drive her at all until she could be looked at so tomorrow morning we will take turns in the hamster mobile going to mass. We had planned on surprising Blaise and doing something special for his upcoming birthday on Wednesday, since Tony will have to work late. So in a scramble we quickly pulled together and got a cake, ice cream and his favorite foods. While he is snoozing Julia helped me blowup balloons and decorate the house. So in between shifts of going to mass we will also celebrate with him. I think he will enjoy the fact that we will just hang out and dote upon him. The Lego store isn't going anywhere and as soon as Old Bessy stops leaking we will go there. I am ashamed of myself when I think of how embarrassed I used to be over driving a minivan. As if I was too good or something, I love that thing and you don't know what you have until you "lose it".