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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Four months old!

I can't believe it and I say this every month but my baby boy is 4 months old today! I am thankful I made it this far. Ha ha I am serious number four was a real eye opener. Benedict reminds me a lot of Julia. He is extremely happy and throws a smile at anybody. He is very content in any one's arms and has played "pass the baby" on many occasions. I think what has made him so unique is how strong he is. Already belly scooting and rolling and rocking to whatever it is he wants. He is almost able to hold himself in a sitting position before he falls over like a weeble wobble. Benedict is becoming his own little voice and discovering his place in our family.

Extra hour of what?

Well we had to turn those clocks back and that led to a conversation of what would you do with an extra hour? Tony wasted no time in saying he would sleep, but I wanted to really think about it. A whole hour to myself? Would I waste it on extra chores or tv or computer..then I read my morning devotions today... Why not give an hour to God. It hit me that quite often my prayers are jumbled, interrupted, or half finished with the bustle of raising a family. Julia recently received a package in mail from St. Philomena foundation and I look forward to reading it for my extra hour. Maybe even two hours if I can sneak away that long!