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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Dreams

In the past Tony and I have done a "high and low" point of our day, but he sent this idea to me this morning and I think we will give it a try. Who needs to focus on the low points right?!? Over and done with!

"Each night before you go to bed think about the most positive thing that happened to you today... Share it with your spouse and ask them to share with you the most positive experience of their day."-mustard seeds

Frankly My Dear

When I was younger I loved the classics. Classic books and movies. I remember my aunt inviting my mother and I over one evening to watch Gone With the Wind. We ate popcorn and enjoyed the show. My cousin and I were five years or so apart but I idolized her and I recall feeling so grown up sitting there watching it with her. I dreamed of the time when I could snuggle up with my own daughter and watch the classics. Julia's study of the Civil War created the perfect excuse to do this. We popped our corn put the younger ones to bed and settled down to a blast from the past. Several hours later I realized Julia was looking at the ceiling?!? What is wrong I asked? Is it scary? Are you confused? No she replied just wondering what Rhett and Scarlett have to do with the Civil War?!?
Am I discouraged that she doesn't embrace the classics like I do? No not really because her passion lies in NatGeo and Animal Planet and I can respect that. It is funny how as a child I had these dreams and visions of how it would be when I had my own daughter and I am really learning that "frankly dear it doesn't turn out as we plan"!