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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To thee do we cry...

The purpose of this blog is to document what it is my family does. I am tired and old and my memory doesn't prove to serve me as it used to. I like to remember all of my children's accomplishments, falls, trials and tribulations. So it only seemed fitting to note that Benedict officially has his first cold. I don't mean a sniffle I mean a full blown stuffed-up-nose-sneeze in your face kind of cold! The kind that keeps mommy up at night because he can't breathe and thus can not sleep. The kind that makes him cry the minute I put him down. Which brings me to my next thought...call it my lack of sleep oh boy here she goes again blog...today is May 1, and I always think of two things during May...ok maybe more than that but right now two is good! I think of my dear sweet hubby's birthday and I think of Mary the Mother of Our Lord...many times have I fled to her to intercede on my behalf for many reasons. Just like today as my poor, sick baby boy is constantly craving the warmth of my arms, I too am feeling the need for Mary. What better role model as a mother than the one who said Yes to God and bore our Lord and Savior! In order to stay true to form I photographed my little guy with his first cold! Such sad eyes!