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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi. My name is Julia and I own a hamster named Charlotte. People may ask why I like animals so much and why I would want to keep a destructive rodent for a pet? For one thing, God made them and people should appreciate these creatures. For another, Charlotte and I have shared a special bond together. Why, who couldn't resist such a cute, lovable, smart, and loyal animal in a pocket sized form? Charlotte has brought me great joy, when I am sad, happy, or just in need of one of God's great creations. Charlotte has also "trained" me in many ways. Either when she plays the "come and get me" game or is learning a new trick, Charlotte has made me be a better person. Even when people says she looks like a mouse, that doesn't seem to stop her. She holds her head high and goes on her way. I love my little furball of energy, and I've only had her for a couple weeks!!
Editors note: Julia's mother still thinks Charlotte looks like a rat with red eyes but a promise was a promise and Chatlotte remains a permanent resident on Laura Lane

Mother Hen

I have discovered in larger families one particular child takes on the role as mother hen. Ours is no exception. Today I watched Emerson lovingly look after Blaise. When his tractor died in the backyard she pushed him all the way to the front yard so he would be safe. When he got on his bike she fastened his helmet for him. When he forgot his gloves and hat she willingly ran back to get them. And when he looked like he may go past the sidewalk she cocked her head, put her hand On her hip and said "don't you dare go past the safety area!" I chuckled at how similar she sounded to me. They have a very tight relationship these two and often Tony and I refer to them as Bonnie and Clyde. When it was time to read stories tonight the two of them snuggled together side by side. Just like a Mother Hen and her baby chick. I hope in the future they remain as close for there is nothing like the love and support of a sibling.

My little flickers of light

This past Sunday in mass we had two baptisms. Benedict recently had his baptism. During the lighting of the baptism candles our priest spoke about keeping their light of faith burning bright. I realized what a responsibility that is to keep their faith burning until they are old enough to make their own choices about life. Tony and I have four little flickers of light glowing over here and a mere gust of wind could extinguish it at any moment. When I look at the young ladies my girls are becoming or the gentlemen we will have in our home soon enough the magnitude of these blessings God has given us hits me. There are no gray areas here concerning our faith. I want to protect these little lights so that they can shine forever. Blaise loves to belt out in church "this little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine..." and I think inside my mind sing it boy and never stop!