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Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 things I would like to say about Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday, and I am working under cover. She does not even know that I am writing a blog entry dedicated to her. She has blogged for two years and she generously gave it to us kids, so here's to my mom.

1. She said I could maybe have a pet rat when we move! (thank u so much mom)

2. She is humble and does not think about herself, she thinks of others first.

3. Mom is caring.

4. She makes the day special.

5. Mom is very kind.

6. She takes us to fun places!(like the park)

7. She can make even shopping fun!!

8. Benedict says: Mama picks me up when I am crying!

9. Blaise says: Mommy helps me clean up my toys!! Emerson says: I love you!

10. Everyone says happy birthday to our very great mother!(Dad says: and a great wife too)

Dear mom, we hope you liked this blog entry about you, (plus all this couldn't fit into a birthday card(-: !!!!!!!)