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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Answer

Yes, the first guess was right (see below for comments). Last night Mom and yours, truly (who else, me, Julia!) were trying to think of good names for this blog, when we came upon the right one: The Adventures of J.E.B.B. If you didn't guess it, and you are still pondering, well, I will let the cat out of the bag: It means Julia, Emerson, Blaise and Benedict. Benedict?You may wonder, and I have to admit, he cannot type on a keyboard, nor express his thoughts, but we have our ways of dictating for him. He will tell you about his own adventures. Anyway, here are the things you may be noticing that are very different: First, the entries will be all about us kids. We will take turns saying something, and Benedict will say something once in a great while. Next, I will be typing on the computer, so you will notice that the entries will be longer and more descriptive, for typing on the iPhone or iPad is very hard for one to say anything long on a small digital keyboard. Lastly, the format, text, and design is very different(plus we are getting ready for fall and the colors are very appropriate.) Of course, the biggest change is the title. Since we all "stole" the blog, Mom decided on a new name(with my help, of course). Before, when the title was "a mommy's blog", I could have been confusing for newcomers who wanted to read the blog and wondered why "mommy" was blogging about her sister Emerson and a squirrel in the tree. Temporarily, I had said "by Julia T.", but now, it does not matter! I hope everybody likes the new layout, title, and especially the idea of letting us kids take over!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love the new name and the lay-out and look forward to reading what you kids have to say. You've inspired me to maybe make some changes to mine
    Love nana :)