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Friday, January 27, 2012


We pretended Blaise was going off to war to join the Union. He had to pack his rations and big sister Julia made him hardtack which was a main staple amongst soldiers. We added a bit of honey and jam to "wash" it down. We certainly learned the food back then was not as tasty as mom's cooking. Which isn't saying much for moms cooking let me tell you!

Gym Star Dad

I want to take a moment and praise my Tony. He has come a long way. Normally I am the one toting every one to all the activities and participating with the kids. These past few months Tony has really stepped out of his comfort zone and gotten involved. I did not need to nag, beg, or plead. I simply prayed for more involvement. Daughters need their daddies. They need to see them as stable, supportive, and involved. The dad needs to set the standard for future and I mean way way into the future...suitors. Tony is doing a bang up job. Tonight he is going to his first gymnastic lesson with the girls. Parent participation required, and it is for other homeschool families so he has opportunity to branch out and meet some dads. The girls are ecstatic. They are getting their sweats and gym shoes ready and they are wondering if daddy knows how to do the balance beam. They won't remember or even care if he made his goals at work, or if he got that coveted title or position...when they are older they will recall the night that daddy became a gym star!