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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today I witnessed Emerson learn what the word perseverance means. Awhile back her Great Aunt Sharon and Great Grandma gave her a pink jump rope. She has been trying to master it ever since. Every day I watch her in the drive way with her purple crocs on trying to jump rope. I'm afraid she inherited my coordination. One quality I admire in her is that she NEVER gives up! Today she finally mastered that rope and with squeals and shouts she begged me to photograph her jump roping nonstop like a little jumping bean. Small and minor to most it was momentous to her. Not all of my children have been blessed with this can-do-it attitude and I have noticed that her confidence and will have gotten her far! I recall last week she tripped and scraped her knee and was crying, I told her maybe she should ride her bike instead and with tears rolling down her face she looked at me and said "mommy, then I would be a quitter and I don't want to quit, I want to jump rope!"
I only wish I had the stamina and courage myself...maybe I would have learned that harder knitting stitch, finished the last chapters of War and Peace and tried to make that creme brûlée recipe...so many would have should haves... I truly pray she keeps her air of perseverance the rest of her life! Something tells me she will!