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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day of Rest

Well we made it to Sunday. After mass Tony and I are getting flu shots while the kids enjoy some donuts. I am hoping to get those four pumpkins carved with the kids and get a little baking done for the week. Tony gently reminds me it is a day of rest. I try to refrain from the normal hustle and bustle of life and just enjoy the time with hubby and kids. It is our memory making time. When I find myself obsessing about the chores or school planning I need to get done I just look to my husband to remind me what it means to rest!

Rice and Beans

Ok so this morning was the dreaded grocery shopping day. Tony is working so all four munchkins were loaded in van and away we went. Now back in the day I never used coupons but now I am what you call a coupon junkie. I used to think it a waste of time to clip coupons and I was almost embarrassed to use them. Four kids later I am now a bona fide extreme couponer. Oh I don't buy fifty tubes of toothpaste or items I don't need. God has definitely humbled me though and Tony and I are trying to be more conscientious with our dollars. So I grabbed my coupon caddy, my ads, my kids and away we went. I felt proud to hear Emerson belt out loud "no potato chips for daddy, unless we have a coupon!" By the way I bought 69 items saved 50 dollars in coupons and they had great sale on rice and beans! Yummy!