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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It is quite improper to discuss money and what you may or may not have. This is what we tell the kids. But, when it comes to hard work and allowance the house is a buzz of busy bees. Tony is the money man. He calculates, configures, and estimates what each penny should be for. He created an incentive program for the kids so each child is motivated to get their chores done. I want the kids to remember that they are hard workers and can accomplish their goals. They get so excited when paid, and oddly enough they are turning into little savers. Emerson is saving up for a dog, Julia wants a new hamster cage, and Blaise has his eye on a firetruck Lego set. Could we go out and buy these things for them, absolutely. Do we want to? I want to see them succeed and feel a sense of pride at doing it by themselves. They are all great helpers and rarely exude laziness. I think their strong work ethic is definitely hereditary. For now a dollar a day is sufficient as long as the chores are done!