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Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Spring Where are You?

This happens to me every year! In an effort to stay on top of life I start my spring cleaning right after Groundhogs Day... Old Woody said Spring was coming. I put the flannels and cords away I break out the Spring 3/4 length tops and gym shoes and I start planning our Easter attire and plans...I can't help it this is who I am...a planner an organizer by nature. Every year I do this and Old Man winter bellows out not so fast lady I call the shots!
My cousin in California keeps a photography blog and recently she posted the most beautiful shots of Spring buds, flowers call it what you like but it was a teaser to us Michiganders! I don't know how to link her site but it is awphotographyblog.com and if you are experiencing seasonal affective disorder like myself check out her pictures for a sample of California life. It will answer my question as to where Spring is...
Even the kids have spring fever and are counting the weeks to Spring vacation!