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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunnies galore

Julia had a bunny play date so to speak with another homeschooler today. They are in 4h together and plan on showing bunnies! It was a nice break after mayhem of the day to go and sit and chit chat with the mom while all kids ran and played! This is a new budding friendship for Julia and she is so excited to make a new friend. By time we came home we had to make Daisy's carrot cake and sing to her. I wonder what a rabbit wishes for when they blow out candles?

Birthday girl

Here is Daisy's homemade brunch of celery, hay, and a dash of love! Here is Benedict sitting in his high chair wondering when someone is going to actually put food on his tray instead of toys!

Carrot cake

Today is Daisy's birthday! She is officially 2 years old. Julia is thrilled to celebrate her bunny's special day! We are making a carrot cake in her honor and she is getting a spa day of a bath and nail trim. (oh the crazy things I consent too) on top of Daisy's special day my little guy turns 5months old today! As I said in past ugh it makes me sad as time passes. He waved yesterday at the doctor and blew her socks off! She couldn't believe how big and sturdy he was but mostly just how happy he was! Not to be undone Julia wishes me to mention that Daisy will be making an appearance in an upcoming talent show at our church soon! So we have two stars in our house today! Periodically today I plan on taking pictures of daisy and Benedict so enjoy!