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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missing my Partner

Vacation time is over and I am feeling a little blue. I am missing my partner, my helper and friend! I don't usually have an extra pair of hands around to cook dinner, wash dishes, give Blaise his bath or just corral the gang around to keep them out of my path. I never realized how handy my partner could be either. Painting the front porch, setting up the pools, cutting the dead flowers down, driving the van all over the state of Michigan and even bringing me my daily cup of Joe! Yup I am spiraling down into a deep state of loneliness here as I realize I am out numbered by kids to adults and the only stimulating conversation I am going to have is what color freezy pop to choose? One never realizes how good they truly have it until they experience it and then it's gone. The kids are even bummed out, whose going to push them fifty miles an hour down the slip and slide, talk me into ice cream cones every night, and an extra hour of computer time... Oh and don't get me started on the singing, laughing, and joke telling at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Either I have evolved or just gave in... Used to be I relaxed the day my hubby went back to work after a long vacation. After nine days of having him at my beck and call I realized I miss him today...as he trudged out the door I almost yelled No! Come back! Don't leave me here! Lol take me with you! Oh well I will start counting the days until our next family vacation begins...