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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Walk

Tonight I took a longggg walk with Julia and the baby. We have been talking and walking as much as we can. As she verges on puberty I notice she is craving the one on one time. She chattered away tonight about how much fun it was today going to the park and making some new friends at church while I attended a VBS meeting. Which by the way, was just what the doctor ordered for my sad soul. I felt love, compassion and a true sense of faith amongst this group. One thing I know, my grandma would not want me wallowing around in pity and gloom. She was one that never let anything get her down. She would do to others first in order to get her mind off of anything blue. Julia and I walked and I listened to her idle chatter, when I did something I swore I would not do...but who hasn't asked a loved one to just "send me a sign" that you are here or around... It just so happened that God heard the pain in my heart and at that very minute we both saw a baby bunny on our path. It was tiny and adorable and nibbling on some grass as if to say " look at me"
Julia and I froze watching this bunny dine and then in an instant it hopped off, but wait... What was it eating? None other than a daisy! Grandma's favorite flower. Thank you God, You know just the right thing to say for this sad soul...we laughed at that bunny hopping away, like my son getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I look forward to our next walk, who knows what God will say to me next.