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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today is Julia's first ortho appointment. Just saying that makes me cringe. Eight years of braces for myself and I still recall the tightening, the nasty wax they gave me to cover the wires that jabbed my gums, and the constant trips back and forth to attempt to straighten my teeth! Ugh! But here is the twist! Julia is thrilled about today! Totally ecstatic and excited! Now my dilemma?!? To share or not to share the truth. Awhile back she saw a young gal with brightly colored sparkles in her mouth. To her that was the coolest thing ever! Julia has never cared much for what is popular, fashionable or "in"! She cares about what screams out " I am an individual, unique person!" She has it set in her mind that she will simply sport some neon colored braces and Voila! Her teeth will be perfect! Awww my poor child what you do not know! I haven't the heart yet to explain to her the food restrictions, tightening process or weekly appointments involved. I will let the orthodontist be the bad guy. He gets paid the big bucks anyways right?!?
I just plan on being the doting, consoling mother. I remember my dad driving me to my appointments and sometimes it hurt so bad that he would buy me a nice cold shake afterwards. My mom would give me soft things for dinner and have the Tylenol ready. That is the route I plan on taking. So she is literally all smiles today until after appointment and the news will be delivered! I have decided to take a before and after just to remember the reaction.