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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Emerson is thankful for fairies and fairy movies. She recently discovered a new fairy movie was airing tonight on tv so she has been hard at work earning the chance to watch it! After yesterday's fiasco at mcds I noticed her carrying her rosary around. When I asked what she was doing she said she was practicing her hail mary's for she knew she was in TROUBLE! I laughed and told her she could do some chores as penance. So today she read to the baby so I could do laundry, she cleaned up several of blaise's messes, and she washed all the dishes and put them away. She seemed remorseful so I agreed to her staying up a little bit later and as a surprise I made a fairy cake to go along with the theme. Julia returned home from her sleepover and I feel complete as our entire family is together as it should be.


Have you heard the latest fad amongst the young? You are not going to believe this one! Mismatched socks! Yes it is true. No more stressing over the missing pair in the dryer. Simply put two socks together and you are in style. I discovered this trend recently amongst a group of julia's pals. She was thrilled when her Nana took her shopping and got her some of these trend setting footwear gear. Why even Tony has fallen prey to this fad by accident. Just this morning he had one black and one brown sock on before he left for work. What a fashionista!