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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black bottom cookies

Everyone who really knows me is aware that I don't like to cook. Growing up we were a fast paced microwave family. I remember making an apple pie once with my great grandma and my brother. His turned out way better than mine, thus he is the cook and I am not! I try and try for my kids so they at least have the life skills to survive. I do love to bake especially this time of year. Yesterday Blaise wanted to bake cookies. I thought it would be neat to cook in the kitchen with just the boys. So we decided to make oatmeal cookies and he wanted to add crushed peppermint! Hey why not I said. So when we took them out of oven Tony commented that they were a little burnt but good. Well today I discovered that he and Blaise decided to get a second opinion on the cookies. While shopping in a store Tony and Blaise remained in the van. As you can see by the photo at least someone appreciated my black bottom cookies!

Honey do list

Tony is in the mood! A "gee what can i fix or paint or remodel mood"! I imagine this is due to the fact that he has a few days off and wants to take advantage of the time. I asked him to mop the lower level for me as we are preparing the house for a get together tomorrow. It was one simple request but my sweetie noticed the floors needed vacuuming, then the baseboards were in need of painting, the kitchen cupboards needed a wipe down and don't forget to polish the countertops. Mr. Busy bee worked and worked! Best Christmas present ever!

Back in Action

The suspense has been building all week! Can he do it? Will he do it? People have asked me if I seriously took Lego Boys passion away from him. Moms have given me advice for future outbursts in church. I have to say it was a LONG week but when we sat in the pew today I gave him a gentle reminder of what he would earn back. Besides one potty break he did extremely well. He was quiet and for almost 4 what more can I ask for right? Now Benedict....he didn't like idea of mommy walking away to a potty break with big brother and he babbled entire time we were gone. For those of you that know my hubby so well, yes he was totally freaked out and let out a loud "thanks a lot" when I returned. There were a few smiles from others and the first thought that came to my mind was: gee honey maybe I should stick your tv in my closet for a week. If I could fit it in!