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Friday, December 23, 2011


Tonight was the rehearsal for tomorrow's children's mass. The kids are all participating in some way or another. Julia is reading the prayers of the faithful, Emerson is playing the part of Mary and our little Blaise is debuting as a lamb. I won't bore you with the proud rants of a mother, but instead I will tell you that the shepherd boy in charge of this flock will have his hands full! The sheep outnumber the entire cast of the play. Mary was so proud of her role she was found to be preening herself all the way to Bethlehem where she pushed Joseph forward to help him remember his lines, and then gave us a thumbs up! Julia was loud and clear showing no nerves as she read the entire prayer, although has informed us that she will be wearing her brand new black converse high tops with her mismatched socks to show others that God loves everybody. My Blaise looks more like a deer in headlights than a sheep and Benedict is thinking he looks much more like baby Jesus than the doll they had Emerson practice with! Thankfully this was just the dress rehearsal!

The Saga Continues...

Oh my houseman will he ever learn? After rest and relaxation he decided to clean out the dryer vent. This notion led to vacuuming under the dryer which led to switching the door. I'm not sure why the houseman did this as he and a drill don't get along too well. After lots of loudness and a bloody finger my houseman is still working on the dryer. Please pray for me!

Good Deeds

All month the kids have been doing good deeds and placing a piece of yarn in baby Jesus' crib to keep him warm. This morning they woke up to a surprise. A note was left in the crib thanking them for all their good deeds. Things like: making a siblings bed, washing the dishes, fetching a diaper, or mopping the floors, all constituted a good deed. Blaise even participated by learning how to collect trash cans, dustbustering the stairs, and playing with the baby so mommy could shower. Imagine their surprise receiving a package as a thank you. Isn't it more exciting when you don't expect anything in return for doing something nice? Their package contained journals, pencils, stickers, socks, and ring pops.