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Saturday, November 26, 2011

MSU Children Garden

Rabbit Show was really neat it is amazing the different breeds of furballs. Emerson lucked out as they had a horse show going on at same time! Afterwards Tony took us to MSU garden and kids played! Tony found a xylophone stepping stone that made music and became a pro at hot cross buns!

Bunny Show

Advent officially starts tomorrow but the kids and I set up our wreath yesterday! We started a Jesse Tree tradition which not only teaches the kids the lineage of our Lord but also the anticipation of his birth. One of the first stories is Creation! A favorite amongst the animal lovers in house. They all want to draw on their ornament animals that God created. As a special treat we are off to MSU to a rabbit show! Sponsored thru 4h it is perfect activity that ties into our advent celebration. I just hope we can get home without any additional bunnies!