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Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Road Trip

Well the boys are hitting the road in the morning. Tony has the day off of work due to Veterans Day. He has been wanting to go visit his mom in Petoskey and I thought it would be perfect weekend for a boys trip! It is another rite of passage in our house. Each of the girls have had a turn traveling with daddy and now his firstborn son gets to go. Oh the excitement and thrill of male bonding. Blaise packed his sleeping bag and blanket and toothbrush. They will eat fast food and stay up late. They will talk about the cars and trucks they pass on the freeway and they will laugh at silly things. Memories will be made and a little boy will become even more enamored with his daddy, his hero.

I am thankful for:

Look at all the fluffy things, high up in the sky. They float and change, they're all so strange, they swoop and dip and glide.
Like a white ball of yarn unraveling,
Or an enormous cozy mitten.
I search for things up high, like an elephant or kitten.
White, white, white, is all I see..so lovely, yet so proud, as it hovers above me....
I'd say it's a cloud! Julia Taratuta, 9

First Playdate

Well Emerson has reached a major milestone in her life. This morning at 6am I heard rustling around to discover her cleaning and making her bed. When I inquired what she was doing she gladly shouted "my friend is coming over today" but not until 130 pm I said!
Yes it's true her first play date. Oh she has tagged along on numerous playdates with her big sis and she has played with Blaise's toddler friends next door. This time it is truly about her and a budding friendship. She has this unusual sparkle in her eye as if she has finally reached a rite of passage. I am happy for her and can't wait to see what mischief the two of them concoct. For wherever you find Emerson you will find the life of the party!