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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Awhile back my cousin went to Disney and said she had so much fun they didn't take any pictures, I was astonished as she is an amazing photographer. I get it though. Today you will GET nothing from today. Our family had so much fun with our first BBQ with our neighbors that not once did it strike me to set up a photo moment. In fact from the beginning to end we were completely wireless free. No phones, no cameras and no talk of work. But I don't want to forget today do bare with me as I describe the highlights: four pools set up, one slip and slide... Tons of cookies, cupcakes and chips galore, BBQ pork tenderloin, a soccer game, and plenty of laughs amongst friends! Sun and fun is the best way to describe it! I look forward to next year, although I hope we have a bigger slip and slide for the dads!
Wait, I guess someone had a camera here's the highlights!