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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mom

Lately I have been reading some AMAZING blogs about mothers! Truly inspirational ones that have left me reflective of my own mother. Today I went on an adventure trying to find the PERFECT Mothers Day gift for my mom! What does one buy for someone that has everything? Then it hit me...the greatest gift I can give her is an expression of what she really means to me! So here goes mom: you better get your Kleenex box! We don't always agree on a lot of stuff concerning politics, religion, social decisions, and stuff like that but what I find amazing is that regardless of how crazy we make each other we always manage to work it out and agree to disagree. We can talk for hours on the phone about next to nothing and still feel like we are solving a world crisis. You are my favorite texting buddy, shopping partner, and artsy crafty go to girl! I will never forget when you dropped everything and came and sat by my side in the hospital in middle of night when we thought I was having a miscarriage with Blaise! I will never forget how you worked so that I could go to the BEST school possible, I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me out of the numerous jams I got myself into as a teen, and I will never forget the understanding I received of how you sacrificed your life for me. I never fully appreciated you as a mother until I became one. Thank you for being my ally, my friend and even my foe at times so that I could become a strong, assertive woman. I once heard a little saying and it didn't make much sense to me until now:
For a son is a son till he takes him a wife, but a daughters a daughter and friend for life! Happy Mother's Day I love you
And to make it even THAT much better I am going to post a picture of myself which is something I NEVER ever do as I am not quite pleased with any photo of myself especially post baby, but the girls asked me to and we all know it's hard for a mother to say No!