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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Foot fetish

My guy has found his feet tonight! He was sitting on my lap facing me barefoot! He looked down and noticed his wiggly toes and before you knew it he was on a mission. It was truly open mouth insert foot kind of mission. Whenever any of the babies have discovered their feet I start to do some fun tactile things with them! Cooked cold spaghetti noodles under the bouncer and mashing up jello in the toes or soft feathers and scratchy paper are all fun things we stick under the little bare feet during play time! I am going to have to keep an eye in this one because twice today he assumed the crawling position and lunged forward! Yes for those of you that notice the laundry is still a work in progress and we have put on the spider man tee now!


After a rough night I decided to keep it light today. Due to a pending doctor appointment tomorrow I am having the kiddies do the main curriculum today. This is beauty of homeschooling you can plan it around your family schedule. What I failed to remember is I had another pile of laundry waiting. In an effort to be mindful of wants and needs I have minimally been purchasing Benedict's clothes! Well big boy did a number on me and we are out of long sleeve onesies! Oh no! Thankfully I had been given some super cool t shirts for future use! He had his choice this morning batman, spider man or Thomas the train! You can see what he chose now he just needs his Robin and I need to go shopping! (that sounds more fun than laundry anyways). Oh and in case you wondered the legos are still in my closet and will remain there for a bit! I will keep you posted on that one!