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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today started off like any other...feed em clean em and load em up for errands and a 4 h meeting. We never know just how God is going to throw us a curve ball do we? While shopping I received a call that a friend's father in law had passed away in his sleep last night. The pain and surprise was raw. It dawned on me how suddenly life can be stripped away from us. A week ago I had just had a conversation with someone about how we should always be ready for that day. The day we meet God. My heart goes out to this family as they grieve. My family will be their for them in whatever capacity they need. We never know do we? We should always be ready.

Favorite Toy

I hear tons of Mommies say they could very well throw out the toys and still find ways to entertain their babies. My mom told me once I was a very content baby. Easily entertained by pots and pans or socks. Times have not changed for sure. All of the kids at one time or another discovered their feet and with that discovery came the feat of pulling off the socks. Benedict has taken it one step further though. He loves socks, he loves chewing them, rolling them, shaking them and watching me fold them. We tested our theory out and put all his toys on the floor and some socks. He went right for the socks! I have always said it is the simple things in life that can bring great pleasure. I doubt the sock fetish will last but he is cute playing with them. I imagine when we go to Stride Rite for that first pair of shoes he will find a new obsession.