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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Dad

Well he did it! I am really impressed but in between coats of paint drying, Tony put Julia's desk together. He went out and got her the pink chair although she wanted turquoise it was better than black!
It didn't take him too long to put it all together and the two of them sat in her room and chatted and watched animal planet on her tv while they worked. I stayed away as I knew she wanted the time with just her dad.

Memory Lane

I got a wake up call at 3am from Blaise! He was wondering when his room was going to be finished! Early bird gets the worm. As Tony started painting I began to reflect on all the changes this room has undergone. When we first built we painted this room lime granita and it was Julia's playroom. Then Emerson came along and Tony painstakingly painted it sage and yellow for me. Three years later Blaise entered the scene and we transformed it into Tinkerbell green and the two of them were bunkmates! Well now the girls each have their own space and the boys are going to be bunkmates! Blaise picked bracing blue which is a bit darker and not a baby blue! He did not want a baby blue! This will be last time this room is painted! If God blesses us with more we will build an addition!