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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blessed by Art

Today I woke up in a fowl mood... Pressured by the fact that I had to do so many things, many of which I put on my own shoulders, and some I just couldn't say No to the kids... I felt the panic and anxiety kick into overdrive...get up, get out the door and it was bark this bark that..the kids had lost their joyful smiles and I was hot and sweaty and not feeling it at all! Midway thru my day, I was pleasantly surprised by a piece of art by my friend Mandy (she has a blog which has been uplifting to me) and recently I won an art print from her. She is an artist, a writer, but most importantly to me a good friend. When I saw the envelope I stopped in my tracks....took a deep breath, apologized to my kids for my heat induced attitude and I sat down and just looked at the print. I felt better...that's called being blessed by art by the way! So, only half of my day was ruined by my own choosing...hey I am getting better. The other half was filled with joy as we finished up our final Little Flower meeting and took a swim at the lake.
Mandy's blog is: HissongtomeShalom.blogspot.com
Check it out very inspirational and if I don't have correct address for it, please let me know I am still learning at this whole blog thing!