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Friday, February 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Today it is our turn to host math club at our house. I came up with idea of splitting kids in teams and doing a scavenger hunt. Team pink consists of (1-2nd grade) and Team turquoise consists of (5-6th grade). They have separate clues which lead them around house solving math equations until they get to end where they will be greeted with a treasure of valentine goodies and coloring books! We are trying to make math seem as fun as possible and they certainly look as if they are enjoying themselves!

Rich girl Poor girl

Yesterday afternoon the girls had Little Flowers. It was an exciting meeting as they all performed a play entitled Kat's Parables. It was an account of Mother Seton and some of the trials and tribulations she faced. Julia played a rich girl who wanted to join a convent but her father wanted her to marry...Emerson portrayed a young poor girl that cleaned at the convent....all the girls did a marvelous job and friends and family cheered and applauded when it was over. My pics are horrible as I was sitting in back with a construction zone around my feet (Blaise) and a wiggly baby in my lap. All in all I was so proud of them all. Their leader presented them with pink carnations at the end and they learned a little bit more about teamwork and confidence!