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Friday, November 11, 2011

While the cats away

Ok so the boys are having their fun and we ladies (baby too) intend upon having our fun! We decided to go shopping at Hobby Lobby first and then we had a lunch guest! An afternoon puzzle was just the thing to pass the time and now we all put on our cozy pjs for a movie and popcorn affair! The girls miss daddy but are enjoying this girls weekend. (I see a tradition being set here) the boys go away and girls have their fun!

Road trip update

Well the boys arrived safely in Petoskey and it appears they are having a blast!

First Snow

Well the boys left at the crack of dawn this morning. The morning seemed so quiet without Blaise waking up the house. I peered out my slider only to find snow! The kids are ecstatic and thankful and I must say the excitement wore off on me..snow brings snowmen, snow angels, Jesus's birthday, Julia's birthday, and of course Blaise's birthday! Lots of celebrating and family time! I know it means bundling up and cold weather and dry skin! But isn't it gorgeous and pure that first snow!