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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Short but Sweet

Due to a pending snow storm my grandma and aunt could only stay for a short bit. It was fun catching up and showing off the baby, bunnies, and hamster. I loved seeing my kids cuddle up next to grandma and talk with her and make her laugh!

Surprise Visitor

The kids bounced out if bed this morning anxious to get the day started. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my Aunt Sharon that she was in town with my grandmother. This would be on my dad's side of the family. They live way in the upper part of the state and have not yet met our latest addition baby Benedict. Sometime today they are coming by to visit. Julia loves my Aunt Sharon and calls her a "cool country gal" they have a bond over their love of the outdoors and animals. I can't wait to snap a few pictures of my grandma with all the kids and see how she has been feeling. Growing up people always said I resembled my dad's side of the family and they were certainly right. Our blonde heads and fair skin really united us. When I look at kids I see the "Koppela" resemblance and it is nice to share a little family time during advent.