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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Art Class

Me and Emerson are going to do art class together today! Once a month Emerson had to watch me go into art class and she announced she wanted to try it out. Normally I might be angry that she wanted to copy me but its different with art class. I don't mind if Emerson wants to do something I like, plus, her friend will be there too, so we both can have people our ages to talk to. This month is a dolphin lesson and we both love dolphins, so hey, it turned out perfectly. P.S(I don't know if you can do P.S's in blogs but oh well) Benedict is doing good today--- he wanted to do the blog but I had to tell everyone about this instead. Sorry Benedict, you can write something next time!

Emerson: Julia is a good sister and I like her a lot. I like dolphins and I want to learn how to draw them.