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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just a few more...

My mom gave me a few more from her side to remember and I also discovered I forgot some. So here goes and if you see a familiar name you may get nostalgic and want to submit a memory of that person.
John O'Green
Grace Clyde
Charles Clyde
Peter Connell
Roy Koppela
Shirley O'Green
Henry Wallace
Beulah Wallace
Betty Jane Robinette
John Koppela
Sophie Koppela
Pearl Knudsen
Ivy Christie

Prayer for poor souls

Julia wanted me to add her project from today. She made this poster for month of November and on each headstone we tried our best to write all names of the dead in both families. Julia has decided to offer up a sacrifice or do a good deed daily for each deceased person and then to pray for them.

"as a little child runs into arms of his mother, so we, at the time of death, run into the arms of Jesus."-St. Anselm

Emerson Reid Wallace

This was my mom's dad. He passed away when she was 18ish. He was a tall drink of water. I have often been told he was a very hard worker and a doting father. He was handsome and a true gentleman.

Arthur M. Schueler

My grandpa was a really smart man. He was a well known lawyer in Detroit. My last memory of him was driving to Sea World just he and I. My grandma stayed home so he could have a special day with me. After that trip he passed away a few months later suddenly. One interesting fact is that he didn't have a middle name so he chose the letter "m" I never knew why until my observant daughter Julia suggested it was for "middle"!


I was lucky I knew my great grandma into my early teens. She used to ride her bike and I sat in basket in back. She baked pies with me and on my birthday she drank a Shirley temple with me and gave me my first red mini skirt. But not too mini as she was a proper lady!

Ernie and Wanda

When Tony woke up today and I told him what Julia and I wanted to do all day today as far as remembering our departed ones he immediately mentioned his grandpa Ernie and grandma Wanda. This is what I remember about them: the first time I met them they welcomed me into the family with warmth and love. Grandpa had a twinkle in his eye and Grandma proudly showed me her beautiful garden by her house. I know where Tony gets his green thumb from. What really inspired me was the devotion and love they had for each other. I remember thinking I hope Tony and I can live such a long fulfilled life as them! I searched for a picture but I can't find one. If I do I will post it later on today!

Aunt Jeanie

This is what I tell the kids about Aunt Jeanne: she was pure and happy and kind! She had quite a memory for stats and she loved to make you feel good inside!