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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Awhile back my MIL gave me a little statue of Mary with praying hands. I keep her on top of my amoire so that every morning when I wake up I have a constant reminder to pray. Two years ago the girls got a great idea to fold the palm leaves from Palm Sunday and put them in between Mary's hands. Today we will go to mass and wave our palm leaves in church. Only one more week to celebrate that Jesus is risen! The kids are getting excited about Easter and we will color some eggs and are planning a HUGE egg hunt. Daddy loves hiding the eggs and I will get some jelly beans. We don't taint the meaning with talk of anything secular we just rejoice that Christ has risen for all of us! The readings are long today and Emerson has expressed concern about her legs and will she be able to stand, but I know she will. This upcoming week is Holy Week and several days will be spent at mass. To be honest I used to dread taking the little ones to the longer masses, but God gently softened my heart and I realized how selfish I was being thinking of my own comfort and feelings. I embrace the opportunity to experience it now with all four of my treasures for I know there is NO greater gift than taking them in to the real presence of Our Lord!