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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Interview

Last week for my Writing Workshop I am in I was asked to interview somebody that I wanted to learn more about. I have been curious about my Grandma Connell and her life as a child, so I emailed her and asked her if she would agree to answering my questions. I had to compose a formal biography about her childhood and submit it to my mom. My mom said I could freewrite some of the neat things I learned. Grandma Jan was born in her house in Alpena, Michigan on August 15, 1937. Her favorite subject in school was reading and English just like me! She grew up with four other siblings named Larry, Marian, Gerry and Jeannie. I asked her what kind of chores she had to do and I laughed when she said: too many! I feel the same way! She had to weed, carry wet laundry outside and hang it on a clothesline, fold and put it away. She washed dishes by hand, swept floors, dusted, and picked strawberries. My mom said she probably didn't get paid for it either which is crazy to me all that hard work. My favorite thing I learned about my Grandma is that she loved to read comic books. I think that is so cute I have a picture of grandma with her feet up reading marvel comics! Sooo funny!
She liked mysteries too! I found out a typical day for her was chores first, just like me, and then she could go outside and play theater or ball. Grandma's life sure sounded fun minus the work but mostly I was surprised how much alike we are.