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Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday

Alright get ready folks for a walk down memory lane. Today is a special day for someone very dear and special to me. He is someone you can depend on to drop everything and rescue you on the freeway when your tire blows out and your kids are crying. He is the guy that understands which tool to use to fix whatever is broken in your house. He puts the needs of others first and never complains about being last. He is a proud papa and loves his grandchildren. He has been firm, fair, and kind even when others have not. He is my father and has always been there for life's biggest moments. I will always be a daddy's girl. Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!


Well the mystery of the hunger strike and late night visits to our room has been solved. Blaise has the sniffles. Much like Tony or any other man for that matter, the entire world is coming to an end right now. The male species does not perform well when ill. He asked Tony to put his arm around him last night to make him feel better. It reminded me of how often I have asked our Creator for a hug to get thru the day. Today he will lounge around in his pjs, drink his juice, watch his favorite shows and be waited on by the girls and I. It isn't like he has the plague but we all need a day like this once in awhile.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Awhile back my mom had given me my grandma's sugar cookie recipe. I have fond memories of taking the kids out to see her weekly and her cookie jar was always full of these sweet treats. Well the kids and I tried in vain to recreate the same taste and we failed miserably. Grandma really can no longer bake those cookies anymore and I wonder if I will ever eat them just like she used to make. The kids are lucky as my other grandma is living as well. Although she is all the way up in Trout Creek she still maintains a relationship via phone, cards, and even skype! I love my grandmothers. My kids love their great grandmothers! No one can cook like them, hug you the right way, listen to your woes, gently encourage you, laugh at your jokes, or embrace your dreams like the two of these ladies! They are the glue that has held their families together. I will probably never master that sugar cookie recipe but I will never lose the memory of sitting at your table grandma with a cup of tea and a plate of cookies as I pour my heart out to you.