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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi. My name is Julia and I own a hamster named Charlotte. People may ask why I like animals so much and why I would want to keep a destructive rodent for a pet? For one thing, God made them and people should appreciate these creatures. For another, Charlotte and I have shared a special bond together. Why, who couldn't resist such a cute, lovable, smart, and loyal animal in a pocket sized form? Charlotte has brought me great joy, when I am sad, happy, or just in need of one of God's great creations. Charlotte has also "trained" me in many ways. Either when she plays the "come and get me" game or is learning a new trick, Charlotte has made me be a better person. Even when people says she looks like a mouse, that doesn't seem to stop her. She holds her head high and goes on her way. I love my little furball of energy, and I've only had her for a couple weeks!!
Editors note: Julia's mother still thinks Charlotte looks like a rat with red eyes but a promise was a promise and Chatlotte remains a permanent resident on Laura Lane

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