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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I just realized this morning that every one of my children is having an issue with teeth this week! My sweet baby Benedict is a cranky drooly mess. He is cutting his first tooth and is not a happy boy! It makes nursing a real joy let me tell you! Blaise is not using his teeth! He is on a hunger strike. I asked him what his cause was, for all good protests need a purpose and he said "better food"! Well I did ask didn't I. Emerson lost her first tooth and is on the verge of losing her second one. I often find her tugging on it while doing her chores and school. None of our kids have bought into myth of tooth fairy so she just sweetly reminds Tony it is almost falling out. He has a special thing he does where he writes the kids letters after teeth fall out. Then I saved the best one for last. Honey if you are reading this at work when I took Julia to dentist last week he said she is a green light for braces! Cha-ching $$

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