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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Mommy is sick

Pray tell what does one do when Mommy is sick? I asked Julia to document her day and report back to me and with giggles I must report the following:
When mommy is sick we don't have to drink our milk at breakfast because dad just gives us dry cereal. We didn't comb our hair or brush our teeth because mommy is only one that seems concerned by our breath and what people think of our hair, since she is busy doing nothing but laying in bed why bother? Dad is a lot more fun, we got some slurpees, ate crackers and told Mom yes we had some lunch. Nobody seemed to mind if we checked on our webkinz today and it kept us really quiet for two hours while mom was doing nothing but resting. Dad was busy working in the yard and Benedict seemed to like watching him so it didn't seem right to ask if we should get off computer. Blaise spent most of the day in back yard digging super big holes for a new construction site and since it was far enough in woods it didn't seem a big deal to mention it to dad, who prefers no holes in his landscaped grass!
Mommy said she hopes she feels better tomorrow but we think she needs to stay in bed!

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