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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Although we knew it was inevitable, when we woke up today we had no idea that reality would smack us in the face as it did! We had planned to slowly take our time coming home to the "city" by stopping along the way at special shops and taking the back way home! Well that is not quite how it happened...I woke up in my huge comfy hotel bed that I didn't have to make only to discover that I had a raging migraine and a very unpleasant feeling in my stomach! Call it what you like I was downright sick! We loaded the troops up and I sat in the very back of van praying the trip would go by fast! These are the things I recall while going in and out of slumber: my girls giggling about how funny I looked with my droopy eyes and hunched back, my son asking a million and one times if we were home, and at one point I recall my 10 year old whispering to me the freeway was closed in parts due to a fugitive on the run?!? Is she serious? Or am I delirious? Turns out it was true and all the rest of the way my budding policeman scoured the woods as we drove for suspicious looking characters! I remember stopping twice at McDonalds to eat and use the bathrooms but not sure how we did it and since no one was left behind I am fine with it. By time we reached home sweet home I collapsed into my big beautiful bed which I do have to make every day and sighed a relief that I had only gotten sick three times in the van as we only had three extra bags! Now I lay on what I call my death bed, which I still will have to make... But I am so grateful for that vacation! We got to see family, swim in the pool, girls and I got our nails painted and we even found time to do nothing! So I'll suck up my pity and lay here awhile and drink my Vernors and crackers and dream about our Petoskey travels....minus the sick part I don't ever want to recall that again!

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