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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pentecost Sunday

It is no secret that red is my absolute favorite color. From the time I was three years old I have donned red dresses, red glasses, red shoes, red shirts, two red cars and tons of red flowers in my home. So this morning imagine the anticipation I had of Pentecost. Red was "the color of the day" according to Julia. Imagine my pride as we left mass and Fr. Steve asked her why he was wearing a red vestment. I paused in fear?!? Oh no not only was this a test for my 10 year old but it was also a review of how well mom had taught her. She pondered a moment and then clearly and concisely retold him the gospel story of the apostles waiting in the room for Jesus and then the flames of fire above their heads and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. Whew! Passed that one with flying colors! I know in my heart I try my best and pride cometh before a fall and we should always be humble, but I was one happy mama that she truly understood why "red was the color of the day", and could confidently answer a question concerning her faith.

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