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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have this pet peeve that when I wake up in morning my sink should be clean and without dirty dishes. Every night before I goto bed I do a wipe down of entire kitchen and then rest easy. Normally it stays clean...,but lately a ghost has been consuming peanut butter sandwiches and orange juice at night and every morning I am greeted with a dirty knife, plate, cup and sometimes bowl. Time is of the essence in the morning.... I don't like spending it cleaning up from night before! It makes me grumpy I admit. This morning was no different... And I found myself letting it rule my attitude. Then the "ghost" whom shall remain nameless sent me a text which reads as follows:
When two people love each other it is a wonderful thing, but when two people love God and each other this is the kind of relationship from which the future of the Church will spring. When you both burn with a love of God the fire will consume the impurities of your human love. The more you love God the more you will be able to love each other-mustard seeds
I know if I did not have God in my life the little thing like a sink full of dirty dishes could fester into a much bigger thing!

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